I like steak, dark beer, the Steelers, hunting, and the great outdoors in general. Most importantly I love my family and appreciate their support in these rock and roll adventures. My kids are even starting to rock out too, and our power trio, Pete and the Re-Pete's should be ready by 2025. Download was my first successful band. It's good to be back. I was most influenced by Jerry Cantrell, Slash, and the music of the 90's early on. Now, I am mainly influenced by Tyler Norton.



I was bit by the music bug at an early age, singing along to KISS albums my cousin gave me. My first instrument was the drums, throwing baby powder on them and hitting them so they would "smoke", like I was Peter Criss in concert. Old KISS was a huge influence on me, as well as Van Halen and Motley. Taught myself how to play guitar at age 12 so I could be like Eddie.. Honed my craft during the guitar hero era (Lynch, Vai, Lee, Malmsteen et al..  Later I got into the blues, Hendrix, SRV etc). Joined my first band in high school as a singer/guitarist. Started writing and recording. Formed an original power-pop band, The Meddling Kids, in 2006 where we cut an album (buy it on iTunes right now!) appeared on a Rick Springfield compilation album, as well as a KISS Tribute/Strip Rock compilation album (I can't make this up..). I jumped into the cover band world where I've met a ton of great people and have had a lot of fun screaming, jumping, aggravating you, and entertaining you. None of it would be possible without the support of my family, the REAL rockstars! 



I started playing bass in the late '80's, slappin' through the 90's and 2000's. I have many famous bass players I envy but have to say my top two influences are Geddy Lee and Flea. Previously, I was in the band Octane, now I sell my soul to Download and slap the bass for the most awesome rock band ever! Looking forward to rocking' many many shows with the very talented musicians of Download  and their awesome fans!!

Likes: guns and drums, and drums and guns (if you know that lyric you get extra points) hunting, drum gear, horsepower (organic style and man-made), bananas ( Ford, Red Stag, and Jameson's. Dislikes - Lawyers (Cmon, that's damn true and funny! It's an 'effin joke - you lawyers are SO serious!!!) Loves - family and a very special lady. Disloves - hmmmm is that a word? Favorite holiday - St. Patrick's Day. If that is not a holiday to you, we probably don't have a lot to talk about... Major influences- Peart, Bonham, and every hard swinging' big hitting' rhythmatist since those two - too many to list here! Vince Lombardi too. Wish he was Irish... You might see me on stage every once in a while with LOUD&PROUD celebrating the music of Led Zeppelin.   

I have been playing in the Rochester music scene since the mid 1990's in various original rock bands such as Because and Dive (currently Diving Through Planes), and toured nationally in Roses Are Red on Trustkill Records from 2005 to 2007. Some of my biggest influences are Tool, A Perfect Circle, Alice In Chains and Incubus. Bands like KISS, Guns 'n Roses, Skid Row, and Metallica are responsible for nourishing my desire to play guitar in a rock band.